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Ithaca Health Alliance Newsletter

The Ithaca Health Alliance publishes a newsletter in which we provide a variety of different health resources. In order to keep the newsletter going strong, we invite people to volunteer with us and also invite community members with health expertise to contribute to the newsletter. If you would like to write a piece for an upcoming issue, please contact us.

The IHA newsletter is free. Printed copies can be found at the Ithaca Free Clinic or in many coffeeshops, bookstores and other locations in Tompkins County. You can download PDF versions of the newsletter from this page.

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  • IHA Fall 2013 Newsletter
    In this issue: The Heart in Chinese Medicine; Volunteers of the Quarter; Summer Outreach and Education Activities; The Holidays and IHA Giving; Program Updates.
  • IHA Spring 2013 Newsletter
    In this issue: Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder; Stress and Emotional Eating; Talking Circles on Race and Racism; Updates and Events.
  • IHA Fall 2012 Newsletter
    In this Issue: In Grateful Memory: Bethany Jo Schroeder 1952-2012; Dental Care Tips; Sweeteners; Spotlight on Ithaca Free Clinic Women's Health Services; Program Updates.
  • IHA Late Summer 2012 Newsletter
    In this Issue: 15 Years of the Ithaca Health Alliance; Elderberry Syrup; Working Towards a Tobacco-Free Generation; Volunteering with the Alliance; Partner Spotlight; Program Updates.
  • IHA Summer 2012 Newsletter
    In this Issue: Inflammation and Coronary Heart Disease; Health Career Opportunities for Teens; An End to Illness?; Welcome to Abbe Lyons, Executive Director; Partner Spotlight; Upcoming Events; Program Updates.
  • IHA Winter 2012 Newsletter
    In this Issue: Seasonal Affective Disorder; Bullying; Are You What You Eat? part 2: Diet, Inflammation and Cardiovascular Disease; Flexible Spending Health Savings Accounts; Program Updates.
  • IHA Fall 2011 Newsletter
    In this Issue: Learning About Lyme Disease; Bee Well Abreast: Qigong and breast health; Privacy, Rights, and Protection; Are You What You Eat? Dietary Fats and Coronary Vascular Disease; Hand Health in the Electronic Age workshop coming up; News U Can Use: new strains of strep, health risks and Alzheimer's Disease; Program Updates.
  • IHA Summer 2011 Newsletter
    In this issue: Mobility 101; Cultural Competency in Health Care; Remembering Byron and Mary Louise Blankinship; News U Can Use: Hypertension and Young Adults, and Complementary Medicine - Alternative or Mainstream?; Chilled Asparagus, Potato and Sesame Salad recipe; Thanks to The Plantsmen nursery!; Program Updates.
  • IHA Spring 2011 Newsletter
    In this issue: Health Alliance receives tax-exempt status; The Healthy Waiting Room; Medical Travel workshop coming up!; Benefit Concert; News U Can Use: Probiotics and Trans Fat and Depression; Beet and Pea Ragout recipe; Program Updates.
  • IHA Late Fall 2010 Newsletter
    In this issue: Eating is a Transformative Act; Discount Programs; news U can use: Beets and Potatoes; Quinoa with Pumpkin Seeds and Apple, Curried Frittata recipe; Program Updates.
  • IHA Summer 2010 Newsletter
    In this issue: Free to be... A Female Athlete; A Teen Perspective on Health; Teens and Tobacco, Alcohol and Other Drugs; Kale Chips recipe; Upcoming Events; Program Updates.
  • IHA Spring 2010 Newsletter
    In this issue: The Health Insurance Roller Coaster; Asthma: A Local Concern; Members in the News; Tasty Asparagus and Leek Dish; news U can use: Green Skin Care and Prostate Testing; Program Updates.
  • IHA Winter 2010 Newsletter
    In this issue: Occupational Therapy Makes it Possible; New Board Member; Vitamin D and Health; Program Updates; Thanks to Grassroots Festival!
  • IHA Fall 2009 Newsletter
    In this issue: The Health Alliance and Healthcare Reform; H1N1 Flu information; School Nurses and student health; Apples and recipes; IHA volunteers in the news; News U Can Use: Multitasking - bad for your brain, and Gout.
  • IHA Summer 2009 Newsletter
    In this issue: Seasonal Allergies, Allergies & Chinese Medicine; Herbs and Allergies; Home-made Tofu; News U Can Use: Chemical vs. Natural Bug Repellent; H1N1 Flu update; IHA volunteers in the news.
  • IHA Winter 2009 Newsletter
    In this issue: Community Efforts to Improve Child Nutrition; Herbs in Winter; Mercury in High Fructose Corn Syrup; Dietary Treatment of Diabetes; Ithaca Health Fund Update; IHA Winter Forum.
  • IHA Fall 2008 Newsletter
    In this issue: Diet Fad Fiascos; Heavy Metals in Wine; Hanna Somatics Classes; Ithaca Veterans Acupuncture Clinic; Trans Fat Risks; Back Care.
  • IHA Summer 2008 Newsletter
    In this issue: Good Function Means Good Health; Healthy Foods for All; Lucky Break; News U Can Use - Household Hazards, and Vaccinations; Art Shows; Clinic Programs.
  • IHA Spring 2008 Newsletter
    In this issue: Health Fund changes; Trans Fat 101; Travel Side Effects; Drugs in Our Waters; Understanding Medical Bills; Staff Changes; Board members sought; IHA at the Ithaca Festival.
  • IHA Winter 2008 Newsletter
    In this issue: Pleasant Ways to Relieve Stress; Joy in Winter; Vitamin D; Spirituality and Humor; Balance; Recipes for Nutrition.
  • IHA Fall 2007 Newsletter
    In this issue: Sleep and Nutrition; Alexander Technique; Asthma/COPD; Home Wart Remedy; IHA update.
  • IHA Summer 2007 Newsletter
    In this issue: Health Care for All opinion piece; Heart Attacks; Warfarin for Stroke Prevention; Sarcoidosis; IHA updates.
  • IHA Spring 2007 Newsletter
    In this issue: Naturopathic Medicine; Produce for Better Health; Cancer and Breastfeeding; Glycemic Load and Weight Loss; Preventive Health and Herbs; IHA updates.
  • IHA Winter 2007 Newsletter
    In this issue: Alternative Eye Care; High Fructose Corn Syrup; Teens and Tobacco; Syringe Exchange; Herbalism personal view; IHA updates.
  • IHA Fall 2006 Newsletter
    In this issue: Hanna Somatics; A Lifetime of Good Nutrition; Insurance opinion; IHA updates.

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