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Primary care

Hours: Monday 2-6 PM, Alternate Tuesdays 5-8 PM, Thursday 4-8 PM

Primary care deals with acute issues, such as colds/flus, upper respiratory infections, rashes, stomach troubles, etc. These clinics are for uninsured and underinsured individuals. Please note that the Free Clinic is limited in what medications we can prescribe. 

Email or Call (607) 330-1254 for an appointment.

Common Primary Care Visits:

  • Employment physicals

  • PPD placements/readings

  • General Wellness Exam

  • Medication refills (non-narcotics)

  • Infections (upper respiratory, skin, etc.)

  • Flu or other viral illness

  • Troubles with eating, sleeping, etc.

  • Other non-emergency health concerns

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