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Kidney Health Screening

Offered by

Cornell University kdsap 

Sunday, December 4th, the Ithaca Free Clinic will host the Cornell University branch of the Kidney Disease Screening and Awareness Program as they offer a completely free kidney health checkup. Every person has the opportunity to consult with a doctor during their appointment! Call or email the clinic to set up your appointment, or click the button for more information.

Primary Care

Our experienced team of healthcare providers have decades of combined experience caring for Tompkins County and beyond. All of our clinicians offer their services on a 100% volunteer basis, allowing us to provide care at no cost to our clients. 

Confidential and Safe

The Ithaca Free Clinic strives to be a safe space for all people. Proof of residency, needs testing, or strict ID policies have never been enforced at our clinic. Your privacy, confidentiality, and safety is always maintained at the Free Clinic. 

Integrative Healing

Our current offerings for complementary health services are herbalism, occupational therapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture. These services are primarily offered to our chronic care patients. Contact for more information.


Making our services accessible is a priority for us. There is always someone on staff to offer Spanish translation, as well as live digital translation services for most languages. Telemedicine visits are available for those who need.

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Healthcare is a 

human right. 

Helping Tompkins County secure that right since 2006

Personal Diary
Glasses Fitting

Optometry returns on 1/11/23!

Herbal Oils

$15 Donation

Will cover the cost of an herbal tincture for a low-income client

Womens Hygiene

$100 Donation

Provides annual pap smears and women's care exams

Blood Samples_edited.jpg

$50 Donation

Covers blood work for an uninsured individual in the community

Doctor's hands

$400 Donation

The value of a pre-employment physical, which we offer for free


521 W Seneca Street

Ithaca, NY 14850


(607) 330-1254

Our phones are staffed from 3-7PM Mon-Thurs and during clinic hours as volunteer coverage allows. We regularly check voicemails and email.



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