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General Health Services

Need an employment physical? Woke up with a sore throat? Make an appointment with one of our primary care medical providers. 

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Holistic Healthcare

Curious about herbal medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and the like? Click below to learn more about these services and how they can work alongside your regular treatment plan!

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Special Programs

In an effort to improve public health wherever possible, we keep our services diverse. Insurance counseling, patient advocacy, and our chronic care program are just a few of our special programs. Click to find out more!

Are you a clinician?

The Free Clinic is always looking for more medical providers. Specialists that can fill gaps in our available services (GYN, Counseling/Therapy, Reiki, Massage, etc.) are of particular interest to us! Scheduling is flexible, with some providers only offering services 1-2 times monthly. Your services could make all the difference in improving someone's quality of life. Fill out our volunteer application today!


Primary care

Hours: Monday 2-6 PM and Thursday 4-8 PM

Primary care deals with acute issues, such as colds/flus, upper respiratory infections, rashes, stomach troubles, etc. These clinics are for uninsured and underinsured individuals. Please note that the Free Clinic is limited in what medications we can prescribe. 

Email or Call (607) 330-1254 for an appointment.

Holistic Services

Western Herbal Medicine

Hours: Thursday 4-8 PM

Herbalists are holistic healthcare practitioners who use herbs and plants as their primary medicine. Our herbalist will assess patient's health history and lifestyle to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses. With this comprehensive evaluation, the herbalist recommends therapies that may consist of teas, tinctures, or single herbs. Herbal medicine is a great preventative tool to maintain health and is an excellent choice for many chronic and acute conditions.


Hours: Wednesday 2-5 PM

Acupuncture is the insertion of hair-like needles into special points on the body, both for the treatment of ailments and as a preventative measure to maintain good health. A typical session with our acupuncturist involves a comprehensive initial visit and a treatment lasting around 30-45 minutes.  

Chiropractic Care

Hours: Tuesday 3-7 PM

Based on the belief that the body has an inborn ability to heal itself, which can be inhibited by time, poor diet, injury, mental stress, pollution, and medication, chiropractic care uses specific adjustments of the spine and joints to correct imbalances in the body. Most commonly, folks seek chiropractic care for headaches, back pain, and neck pain, though many also use it to maximize their health and wellness.

Email or Call (607) 330-1254 for an appointment.

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